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Case Study Examples Education

Charlene Said:

What's her diagnosis? ?

We Answered:

Possibly a plethera of diagnoses:
drug induced psychosis
PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder)
Acute stress disorder
Fear of rejection and abandonment
unrealistic expectations of others because of the distorted perception related to her early childhood development or lack thereof.
Treatment for these behaviors is warranted as well as possible medication. She needs to be under a doctors care consistently, psychologist/psychiatrist and a therapist. These issues didn't arise over night so don't expect them to go away any time soon either.

Doris Said:

Is there any study on panchayat raj and Human rights education?

We Answered:

You could look on the website for The Center For Study Of Culture & Society:

As for a specific case study, I tried to do my best to find one and I think I might have found something similar on these websites, but I didn't read the whole thing:…

Grace Said:

Education wealth and race, is there a link?

We Answered:

No, they have nothing to do with each other - just look at Paris Hilton.

Allen Said:

Can you please comment on this articles about equity in education in Australia?

We Answered:

This TOO heavy

Mathew Said:

Would a course of study of detailed obits of 'average' people inspire students?

We Answered:

probably, I was watching that tonight show with Leno and a segment where he was asking trivia questions to people on the street.
None of them knew anything about past presidents and American history but they knew everything about previous American idol contestants and of programs such as Jersey Shore.

More people vote for Idol than presidential elections, that would suggest most would be more competent and familiar with knowledge of Paula Abdul and Ruben Studdard rather than Benjamin Franklin or George Washington

..Maybe Ryan Seacrest will be on the next $5 bill

Amanda Said:

Grade this SAT essay please?

We Answered:

I would give it a 4 or 5 out of 6. You got the most important part: you made a thesis about the prompt and you used two examples that directly supported it. Unfortunately your downfall was your writing style. The SAT readers want a very smooth flow. What it looks like you did was add complex SAT words. That is normally a good thing, but it looks like you just tried to squeeze them in when possible, and those words weren't actually part of your thought process while writing. It disturbed the flow of the essay and that is why I took off one point. The other thing is you sentence structure is a bit simple. Try to vary the length of your sentences and add some modifiers. It makes your essay sound more sophisticated and of a higher level. Still, the toughest thing for people is to directly relate ALL examples to the question at hand and their thesis, but yours accomplishes that. That is also the most important grading criteria. If you make the essay flow smoothly and your syntax is more sophisticated, you can easily pull off a 5 or 6. By the way, I am grading out of 6, not 12.

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