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Case Study Essay

Manuel Said:

what do you think about am looking for case study,essay and research question models

We Answered:

I have found this site to be really useful

Just remember its not intended for plagiarism, just help!!!

Laura Said:

Ideas for essay ( case studies needed)?

We Answered:

Historical art and design: Why Gothic revival was so vivid in colour and pattern... especially through the works of the architects of the time ... due to the number of architect during the victorian period that suffered fom syphalis,... their eyesight was going so they were increasing attracted to bright vivid colours and patterns to help them see.

Aids.. did you know what the american governement called aids before it was called aids? when the diagnosis was first... errr diagnosed (not as isolated occurances but on an epidemic level the USA government called it the "Artist Disease" as it was beleieved thast slowly but surely all the artists in the world were dieing.. they spent billions of dollars buying as much art a they could in the fear of a future without art!? It was then renamed GRIDS (Gay Related Immune Deficiency Syndrome) before later becoming known as AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) . You could discuss this

Dale Said:

case study on Section 280 of the Internal Revenue Code?

We Answered:

there is no Section 280. There's 280A, 280B, etc.

Ryan Said:

what is conclusion of Rob parson case study at morgan stanley?

We Answered:

A simple Yahool search gave the answer:

Identified seven key management practices: 1) Employment security, 2) Selective hiring, 3) Effective self-managed teams, 4) Comparatively high compensation which is based on organizational performance, 5) Extensive training, 6) Reduction of status differences (between management levels), and 7) Sharing information with employees.

Salvador Said:

Anyone has the Case Study Essay of David Shorter and Bob Chen to share?

We Answered:

try google perhaps

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