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Mae Said:

Do you believe that a man should only be compensated $250, 000 max for having his penis amputated by accident?

We Answered:

I don't think there should be a limit on what a court can award such a victim. This poor guy was circumcised completely unnecessarily. Circumcision is not a treatment for inflammation. Antibiotics work far better and do not have anywhere near the same negative side effects of circumcision, which include sexual dysfunction, deformity and death, as well as what this man suffered.

As for suing the anaesthetist, well, if the anaesthetist is going to involve himself in an operation he should know is a medical nonsense (circumcision to cure inflammation), he deserves whatever he gets.

Holly Said:

help! Please proofread my paper!?

We Answered:

Hi, Jatice ~

I'm having trouble posting my long answer. Please email me by clicking on my profile and I will send you a paste of my suggestions.

Thanks for the definitions of "leaking" and "whistle-blowing."

Can you also find a way to elaborate on what is meant by a "t-junction?"

I noticed that you say in one place that you think LEAKING is his best option, but later you say that you would likely move out of the city, WHISTLE BLOW, and submit a letter of resignation. I presume this is a kind of typo.

Kelly Said:

Is it helpfull to present that I have official plans to immegrate to Canada? Would it be good or against me?

We Answered:

Their game= their rules

Willie Said:

Help! Please help me proofread my paper!?

We Answered:

Good paper. If you are looking for grammar and punctuation here goes...1.board of directors COMPRISED of financial contributors.
2. Serious conflict OF interest-
3. particularly the chairman of the board, use comma after
4. corruption, negligence, and nepotism use comma
5. personal, social, and professional
6.leaking, no capital letter
7.moral values and WHISTLE blowing- you forgot the LE
8.safest option WOULD HAVE BEEN, not would be
9.blew the whistle for A different reason
10.results may be. Use period at end of sentence.
These are in the order I found them. Hope this helped. Good Luck. Well done!

Constance Said:

Can someone please help me with this math problem.. I'm stumped. It's about writing equations and solving them?

We Answered:

Let tr = time spent reviewing, in hours, with the condition that tr <= 8.
tf = time spent formulating the contract, in hours, with the condition that tf <= 12.
n = the number of applicants screened
ip = the number of preliminary interviews
if = the number of final interviews

P = 1500 + 125 tr + 125 tf + 25n + 125 ip + 125 if

n = 90, ip = 10, if = 3, tr = 8, tf = 12
P = 1500 + 125 (8) + 125 (12) + 25 (90) + 125 (10) + 175 (3)
P = $4650

Carol may prescreen applicants, thus reducing n and ip.

a) Maybe customers complained about unfair pricing for simple contracts with few applicants. Maybe Mr. Erickson was losing business because of this unfair pricing. Maybe Mr. Erickson was not making enough profit because he received an overwhelming number of contracts with large numbers of applicants and interviews.

b) The problem for the customers is that it is unfair to charge the same price for positions with large and small n, and large and small number of interviews, and simple and complex contracts. Customers which require simple contracts and low number of applicants may choose to hire a different, cheaper consultant. The problem for Mr. Erickson was that if he received more complex contracts with many applicants, he wasted much time on these contracts but he did not get paid extra for the extra work.
c) The current pricing structure provides a more accurate estimate based on the complexity of the contract and the number of applicants. It benefits both Mr. Erickson and his customers.

Frances Said:

If it's obvious to your boss and manager that public speaking is not your main strength ....?

We Answered:

One fumble should not derail your career. Everyone makes mistakes.

But, take the initiative and approach your boss, admit that you messed up recently, tell him that you would like to get comfortable in public speaking, and see if your company will sponsor you for a course or ( as a previous answer said ) Toastmaster's.

This action will show that you are pre-emptively addressing the issue and not trying to avoid recognizing it, or trying to deny it.

Willie Said:

networking question?

We Answered:

Thats great, but in no way am I prepared to answer that question in any detail on this page! Send me a mail detailing exactly what you need or want to know and i'll be happy to provide some assistance!

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