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Case Study Book

Ivan Said:

Finding book of Case Study of BBA.?

We Answered:…

Eleanor Said:

Can anybody help me regarding answer at the end of case study- AgriComp with research proposal?

We Answered:

I have the answers of the case questions and also the Reseach Proposal.

How much are you willing to pay me for it ??


Gary Said:

In a case study a buyer buying a book, of the so many classes identified by our teacher, i did not understand?

We Answered:

Fred wrote and published a book.
John and Mary both bought a copy of the book.

The word book has a slightly different meaning in those 2 sentences. Fred didn't really write a book. He wrote a manuscript that got sent to a publisher that turned it into a bunch of copies of physical books.

Is Fred's book a BOOK or a BOOKITEM?
Is John and Mary's copy of the book a BOOK or a BOOKITEM?

Fred wrote a BOOK. He is the author, and gave it a title.

John and Mary bought a BOOKITEM. Each of those books may have shipped on a different date. They are different books. But they are both the book that Fred wrote. BOOKITEM probably has some field that is a reference to BOOK, right? So from the 2 BOOKITEMs, you can look up the BOOK that they bought.


Stacy Said:

How do you do Case-Studies? I have to do them for bussiness class.?

We Answered:

It sounds like you should ask your teacher exactly what you were supposed to do. From this question it sounds like all you had to do was write a page number or page title down on a piece of paper.

Case Studies involve an as-complete-as-possible evaluation of a current situation. for example: How prepared is a hospital for a certain type of emergency? What all can YOU think of that would need to be considered in such a study? or traffic control? where are the usual traffic bottlenecks? and why?

Case Studies usually support a conclusion that leads to a recommendation for a change in a similar case.

here's some links to high level case studies:…

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