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Case Study Assessment

Manuel Said:

case study for psych testing?

We Answered:


Ok, what about looking at something in organizational psych? You could do a case study on vocational assessments, or psychological screening of potential employees. It's a fun area to do :D

Or you could do it on the psych testing of early childhood autism. Check out the Flinders University Early Intervention Research Program as they have published quite a lot of data about their studies :D

Joyce Said:

Case study for psych testing?

We Answered:

I don't know if this is at all what you are looking for. But I remember doing a study where I went to a mall to see how many people I could make eye contact with. I also smiled at people and recorded how many people smiled back or looked away. It was really interesting to see peoples reactions. Most people are really uncomfortable if you smile at them.
You could go to a mall and ask people how they feel if complete strangers make eye contact or smile at them. You will get a huge variety of answers. Human behavior is fascinating.

Jennie Said:

Social worker case study ?

We Answered:

by having follow0up check ups. getting MSW to visit and maintain contact. or if there r signs of abuse, make a police report. check the other children too. speak to mother first and be open about it with MSW present.
a comprehensive report to cover all angles and to render necessary assistance

Tanya Said:

Case study for Road Rage help?

We Answered:

Does your library have Ebscohost on its database list?? If so, then choose PsycInfo under the list of sub databases that Ebsco will provide and search there

Jeanne Said:

Parapsychology Case study help?

We Answered:



Stanislawa Tomczyk. Born in Poland, Tomczyk came to the attention of investigators when it was reported that startling poltergeist-like activity occurred spontaneously around her.

She was a POLISH MEDIUM, the subject of Dr. Julien Ochorowicz's experiments in 1908-9 at Wisla, Poland.

She could control some telekinetic feats, but only under hypnosis. In this hypnotic state, Tomczyk took on a personality that called itself "Little Stasia" who could levitate small objects when Tomczyk placed her hands on either side of them. In the early 1900s, one investigator, Julien Ochorowicz, watched these levitations at very close range and observed something like fine threads emanating from her palms and fingers, although they were examined carefully before the experiment. And it didn't seem to be a trick. "When the medium separates her hands," Ochorowicz observed, "the thread gets thinner and disappears; it gives the same sensation as a spider's web. If it is cut with scissors, its continuity is immediately restored." In 1910, Tomczyk was tested by a group of scientists at the Physical Laboratory in Warsaw where she produced remarkable physical phenomena under strict test conditions.

She was regularly hypnotised by Dr. Ochorowicz for therapeutic purposes and was controlled by an entity "Little Stasia."

She could produce movements without contact, stop the movement of a clock in a glass case and influence a roulette to the extent that the numbers chosen by the medium turned up more often than justified by chance. Dr. Ochorowicz concluded that the physical movements are performed by rigid rays projecting from the fingers of the medium.

Little Stasia was a mischievous entity who played many tricks on the medium. She said herself that she was not the spirit of any dead person. The medium considered her, at first, as her double. This was Dr. Ochorowicz's opinion, too, until he was shaken in this view by having obtained Little Stasia's photograph, as announced by her, in an empty room, with all light excluded, while the medium in a normal condition was with him in an adjoining room.

Prof. Theodore Flournoy witnessed a séance in Paris in 1909. It left him "in no doubt as to the reality of simple telekinesis." At. a later series of séances at Geneva to which, besides Flournoy, Professors Clarapede, Cellerier, Batelli and Flournoy's son were invited, the expectations of the sitters were not fulfilled.

In 1910 Stanislawa Tomczyk was investigated at the Physical Laboratory in Warsaw by a group of scientists. She produced remarkable physical phenomena under strict test conditions. Baron Schrenck Notzing described experiments in his Physikalische Phenomene des Mediumismus, Munchen, 1920. Prof. Richet quotes his own observations in Thirty Years of Psychical Research.

Do a web search on above and I'm sure you will find more.…


Ella Said:

where can I get advice and guidance on how to prepare a case study re counselling for assessment.?

We Answered:

The links below should provide you with a start... I would also suggest some basic research design books... sophomore level stuff. You may want to specifically read the requirements of the course you are taking... they may or may not want data (quantitative work) as well as cases (qualitative work)

Best of luck

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