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Case In Study

Clifton Said:

What are the things i need to include in a case study?

We Answered:

a background on age, where she lives, her home, her lifestyle, what illness she has, background on illness, how many other people are suffering from it, how she got it, medication she uses

Terry Said:

What is case study round in an interview?

We Answered:

Did they perhaps say "case study round table"? If so, that probably means, as part of the interview, they'll present a particular situation and want you to lead a round table discussion to analyze the situation and develop possible solutions to address it. This is so they can see your analysis and development skills in action.

Debra Said:

What subject should I do my biology case study on?

We Answered:

Fraud in science -- case is this guy:…

Bessie Said:

How do you solve a interview case study question?

We Answered:

In these cases, they are looking for "how" you would solve this, and not for the exact answer.

In this case, you might describe the nature of the information you would gather, where you could get it, and how you would go about getting it.

Then you could "suppose" the data (make it up) "as if " you had received it from your sources, and then do "analysis" on it.

Play along, and show them you know how to do the job.

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