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Business Studies Case Studies

Phillip Said:

IGCSE Business Studies Paper 2 (Case Study) Exam?

We Answered:

Hi there!
i'm really feeling sorry for you as you're sick at the moment and your exam is tomorrow. now what you can do is open your syllabus. and at the opening of every chaprter i suppose that you have a heading called "things you will learn" or so. well there you will get the main keypoints about what you will learn in the chapter. or this may be at the end of the chapters mentioning what you have learned and gives you a recall. well just make sure that you have learnt all the things necessary and you'll be succesful cya

Terrence Said:

Business Studies Case Study?

We Answered:

One of the obvious answers would be how they would get them to work as a team and be able to have job satisfaction with a job that can be quite repetitive .
It is too easy just to say pay the staff more because obviously there will be an optimum amount they can pay before there would be insufficient profit to justify having the outlet
Having managed staff over a number of years a lot of the job satisfaction for the manager and the staff is to ensure there is a good system of staff appraisals in place . This must not be just the manager telling the individual how good/bad they are doing . It must be a two way exchange with feedback from both sides including evidence to back up
Setting individual objectives related to the strategy of the business and the outlet , but also including personal development of the individual member of staff . These objectives to be reviewed every two months and written into the personal record
Staff should be encouraged to have team social events like bowling , or a meal , these could be based say on shift groups
Overall like any other business training is the key and all staff should be given encouragement and support to improve their skills
If possible annual performance bonuses should be agreed , related to the company profit , but also individual performance against their agreed objectives

Joshua Said:

business case studies for free?

We Answered:

There are thousands of these available in books at your local library. These are free and are more reliable than something you will find on the internet. You can talk with your professor and get them to point you in the right direction.

Mae Said:

Business Studies GCSE - Virgin Case Study?

We Answered:

Me too!! Really not looking forward to it...

This website is pretty dull but very useful:…

I haven't been able to really find any resources relevant to the actual case study- only a couple of sites that you had to register with. I'm concentrating on learning all the definitions and stuff and trying to figure out how they might be relevant to Virgin...

Good luck! x

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