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Business Strategy Case Studies

Felix Said:

virgin's strategy about growing business for fun?

We Answered:

i dont understand this question, please ask again

Anna Said:

decision strategies in business?

We Answered:

He started with SKD form, tried CKD next , and complete manufacture afterwords.

Holly Said:

Action Program (marketing)??? Help!!!?

We Answered:

I believe your professor is asking for a marketing plan, and is just calling it "Action Program" to communicate the gist of the idea is to detail HOW you're going to carry out your marketing strategies.

This site calls theirs an Action Plan:…

Here's a URL to a sample marketing plan with graphs:…

I hope that helps, good luck!

Margaret Said:

Hiring new outside CEO in family business merger?

We Answered:

No - but I have seen the opposite. It depends on the circumstances of the two families. The managers of the two units can put so many roadblocks in place that no one would succeed. But if they are willing to have someone there and are willing to work within that environment than it will. No one controls that other that the CEOs and the individual management.

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