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Business Process Engineering Case Study

Vickie Said:

Can I get a work Visa to United States?

We Answered:

H1B requires at least a bachelor's degree. If you are unable to provide this evidence, you will not be eligible regardless of experience or other qualifications.

Miriam Said:

About Australian PR, Thought share on what suits best for me in getting one.?

We Answered:

1. The fact that your brother will sponsor you won't make it any more likely that you will get a visa, but on the current rules, it does mean that you need fewer points for the points test and that may mean the difference between your passing and failing the test.

Keep in mind that the points test is currently under review and sweeping changes are expected to come into effect in July. There is no way of knowing if a person who passes the points test now will still pass the new test, but applicants who have already lodged their visa application before the new test is introduced are not subject to the changes.

2. If your computing specialty is on the CSL and if the ACS assesses you as having sufficient experience in that specialty, a visa will take approximately 15-18 months after you lodge your visa application. Before you can lodge your application however, you must pass IELTS and get a positive skills assessment from the ACS and ACS assessments take 12 weeks or more to be processed.
If your computing specialty is not on the CSL, a visa will take until at least 2013 to be ganted.

3 & 4. You only become eligible for an onshore visa (and faster onshore processing) if you have completed 2 years of full time academic study that have led to a qualification that is closely related to your nominated occupation. Bridging visas are only available to eligible applicants for onshore visas.

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