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Business Case Study Sample

Christine Said:

is this true about hiv test?

We Answered:

what is your question? you seem well informed.

Roberto Said:

Statistics, question please help.?

We Answered:

There is so much information missing that it is impossible to answer these question. Which works out well since this was so boring it put me to sleep. I can see why you don't want to do it yourself. Getting others to do it for you will be good practice for later in life, when you call back orders to the cook.

I'm going to shell in a handbasket for this.

Sherry Said:

do corporations pay their fair share of taxes?

We Answered:

They don't.
Here's but one example.…
Damn those liberals who want to tax mom'n'pop shops like McDonald's and Kraft out of existence!

Another useful article from Dollars and Sense:…

Joann Said:

Neo-cons, do you still think corporate America is paying their fair share?

We Answered:

I heard that too. They're not paying. What do you expect from a Republican administration? The whole system is being manipulated with such byzantine complexity that the extent of the crime may never be exposed- particularly before they relocate over seas.

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