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Banking Case Studies

Felicia Said:

what is d impact of computerisation in time spent on banks?

We Answered:

computerization of banking has like the computerization of other businesses reduced the numbers of clerks with green eye shades from scores to none. The impact on the green eye shade manufactures has been similar to that of the automobile on the buggy whip manufacturers.

Randy Said:

what all things a best presentation should involve?its urgent....?

We Answered:

If you're doing a presentation use a PowerPoint application of some kind. It'd be the best way to go.

Don't include horrible audio or sound affects, or wild animation in your slides. Keep them professional looking by using the same template, styles and font the whole way through.

Use proper grammar and spelling, and always keep slides brief. If you try and overload a slide with information it's going to look awful and it won't be effective at all.

Use graphs, tables, facts, statistics, percentages, case studies (real life scenarios that have happened) and quotes to improve the credibility of your presentation. Don't make up anything though.

Use transitions between slides that are simple but elegant, such as dissolves or fade outs. Nothing wild or distracting.

Are the topics you have to choose from what you've got listed there?

If so I'd go with either the social security of employees in indian industries or the procedure of taking out a house loan from a bank.

Lots of information would be available for those topics and you would easily be able to incorporate facts, graphs, tables and figures into your presentation.

Also don't forget that while your PowerPoint Presentation should be simple - have a more detailed speech or notes prepared otherwise you won't go for the ten minutes.

Just use the PowerPoint to summarise what you're saying as you go along.

Hope this is an answer that can help you out.

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