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Autism Case Study

Tracy Said:

A recent study re: Autism and Thimerosal... Your opinions???

We Answered:

The autism research was actually started by a doctor here in canada who is now up for medical malpractice because he skewed the findings to suit pharmaceutical companies.

Autism rates are rising no matter what - we need to look at other factors such as environment, etc. May be linked to certain areas, geography, food we eat.

Who knows -but NOT getting your child immunized because of this "scare" is more scary....many people are not vaccinating because they heard this.

Gladys Said:

autism- case study. please help .?

We Answered:

Recently an Autistic teenager killed his mother during one of his huge tantrum in OH (I don't remember if it was in Akron or Cleveland). The problem was that the police treated his case like any common criminal case & took the guy to a regular jail w/regular criminal. The Autism Society in OH was claiming that he has to be send to a special jail or an mental institute... You may find this case in google. This case is about to find him "not guilty for reason of insanity".

Another case is about a young man (I think he was 20 years old) who drove away from the police when a cop tried to stop him because one of his stop light was off. The sound of the siren made him so afraid (because of his sensory issues, auditory process disintegration) that he drove faster to get home ASAP. The police followed him & arrested him. Since this boy was a high functioning Autistic, he was in college living alone in an apartment pretty close to campus but not inside of campus. So, no one could help him until his mother learned that her son was in jail for 2 days. His mother claimed that the police hit him pretty bad every time he had one of his tantrum, & the court imposed a $20,000 bond because he was very dangerous according to the policy report. His mother had to hire a Lawyer to rescue him from this mess..

Arthur Said:

Science case study help 'does the MMR Vaccine cause Autism?'?

We Answered:

You can start with reading the CDC's opinion.…

Leslie Said:

I need help with this IEP for an Autism case study. any help at all would be greatly appreciated?

We Answered:

I'm curious, is this a case study for school or is this a real life situation? For what it's worth, the federal law does not state that objectives are needed for goals. Although, it may be a district's policy to have IEP's written with at least 2 supporting objectives per goal. Most districts would require at least 2 because having 1 objective would simply be another goal. Anyway, as for teaching methods, try using age appropriate social stories. As for the comm, I would consult with the school's SLP, but social stories can be worked here, as well. Accommodations to consider would be things like frequent breaks, a token economy system (this can also help with the behavior and social skills, as well), the use of a behavior plan for the outbursts and running. The adult assistance also is considered an accommodation. Before formally putting in the IEP, I would recommend having a facilitator at the meeting to authorize this type of accommodation. The needs of these types of kids can vary so much because it is on a spectrum. Some are not impacted that much, like Asperger Syndrome kids, some are extremely impacted and need assistance with every aspect of daily life, and some can be savants. Autism is incredibly interesting, yet we know so little about it. I can be of more assistance if you can give me more info.

Amber Said:

give your case for how to treat with Autism behavior problem?

We Answered:

Without knowing your student, I cannot completely answer your questions. However, the following resources have been very helpful to me, and may help you develop a plan for your student.

Also, you may want to contact your school's special education teachers to see if they have any suggestions. Also, review his or her Individualized Education Program (IEP) for instructional modifications that have been recommended for this student.

Best of luck to you!


"Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew" by Ellen Notbohm -…

Website of Paula Kluth, Ph.D. -

Positively Autism (free online magazine, includes free lessons/activities) -

Teaching Tips for Children and Adults with Autism by Temple Grandin, Ph.D. -


"Your Life is Not a Label: A Guide to Living Fully with Autism and Asperger's Syndrome" by Jerry Newport

"You're Going to Love This Kid!: Teaching Students With Autism in the Inclusive Classroom" By Paula Kluth

"Not Even Wrong: Adventures in Autism" By Paul Collins

Any book by Temple Grandin

Dale Said:

Biology Case Study?

We Answered:

There is nothing wrong with your choice of case study - I think it is a valid and interesting choice and has potential to showcase your approach. The answer is not important- what is important is how and what you present, and not to get bogged down in popular opinion.

A couple of starting ideas for you to work on-
1) You should set out to investigate whether MMR could theoretically mutate into a variant disease. This is a lot easier than identifying a cast iron link between MMR and autism, and saves you the difficulty of defining autism. So the title could be along the lines of- Does MMR introduce the risk of another disease?
2) then you can discuss the components of MMR - which are undead viruses - that is to say live viruses. You should be able to source details of the components of the MMR vaccine quite easily.
3) When vaccinations are done with bacteria it is easy to kill the bacteria and to verify that the bacteria are then incapable of reproducing. This is not so with viruses. You can elaborate how difficult it is to 'kill' or inactivate a virus, and showcase some of the more extreme environments they can lay dormant in. For example also see the last 'big' flu epidemic- the graves still contain viable virus, also the lengths employed in handling the BSE crisis The conclusion for this part is that one or more components of the MMR vaccine contain viable genetic material.
4) Then you can refer to an article in TIME magazine which was discussing the bird flu problem, where it points out that viruses exchange genetic material more easily with other viruses and so are inherently quicker and more likely to mutate (than for instance, bacteria). This idea is very much in the public domain and will be easy to source.
You can also point out the isolated instances where bird flu has mutated suffficiently to infect humans -as an example of virus mutation.

Barbara Said:

Case study: Does MMR cause autism? Help with resources?

We Answered:

You want to visit these websites .. they have links to the various studies including the uptake, and you are right, Wakefield's idea was shot down fairly soon.

These are blogs, but blogs run by doctors and they do cite facts.

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