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Asthma Case Study

Rhonda Said:

What are you opinions on pollution causing asthma?

We Answered:

Pollution doesn't cause asthma. Let's get that straight. People who have asthma are sensitive to airborne pollutants and react to them causing great harm, suffering and death. Bur it was not the pollutants that caused the asthma in the first place. The asthmatic had to be an asthmatic to begin with.

Pauline Said:

Can laughing affect your health?

We Answered:

Probably because there aren't really any negatives. Really, I can only think laughter would affect someone negatively if they have some sort of existing condition (ie asthma, ect.)

Its good for you physically and mentally! :D

Everett Said:

Asthma Questionaire, asthma sufferes please...?

We Answered:

1. i just developed it at 9 but when i was little i had several food allergies (still do) hey fever (still do) and really bad eczema and i lived by a refinery. My asthma is triggered by almost any plant, mint, gum, birds, exercise, and i know it sounds weird but some kinds of toothpaste also give me attacks at times. i don't have any family members with asthma that i know of,

3. when i developed asthma i lived by the highway and was always around factories that weren't too far away. I was also exposed to secondhand smoke for 6 years (not bad we usually stayed away from it)

And by the way air pollution does not cause asthma but can be very bad for people with respiratory and heart problems because it takes their body more to get rid of the bad stuff (their sensitive to it), but then again pollution isn't good for any one to breathe in cause that stuff is just bad yucky stuff!

Hope this helps!!!!! :)

Tiffany Said:

Is asthma a restrictive or obstructive disorder?

We Answered:

It is considered obstructive because it is reduced flow rate, but not lung volume.

This site is good but rather technical…

Heidi Said:

Why do Particulates Irritate Lungs?

We Answered:

they mechanically irritate the lungs, just like when you get sand in your eyes and it hurts; only they're smaller than sand and they're in the mucosa of yr lungs.

Anne Said:

GCSE Science Case study? Word Limit?

We Answered:

I'm on the same GCSE board as you but I don't think I'm doing that particular case study. However, in the case study I have started (How the resistance of a wire affects a quantity) we have been given no specified word limit and our science teacher is really helpful and trying to get us the top grades.
I would assume that there is no word limit and I would hate for you to go and lose marks for cutting it down! Leave it as it is. If you haven't been told, its likely there is no limit and you won't be penalised.

Jimmy Said:

Have you smoked marijuana being an asthmatic?

We Answered:

Yes I have asthma, I run cross country and am on the swim team, and I'm a stoner. My asthma has not gotten worse since I began to smoke regularly, and if anything it may have helped with my symptoms. But of course I could just be imagining things lol. But no, smoking pot has not worstened my asthma. But I figurethis could be different from person to person.

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