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Apa Case Study Format

Daryl Said:

1800 - 2000 words regarding sleep disorders on insomnia. HUGE TASK ASSIGNMENT. HELP HELP!?

We Answered:

You should start by writing a letter to your university begging for an extension so that you can complete this work by yourself. Nobody can do this in one day and they shouldn't have to as it is your responsibility and it is your fault if you fail.

Danny Said:

How do I cite a medical journal within a website?

We Answered:

If the journal is published in hard copy form then you cite it as if you had read it in hard copy form.


Bloggs, J. M. (2008). Citing Journals. <italics> Journal of Citations, 21 <end italics> (12), 12-24.

In text citation would be (Bloggs, 2008) or Bloggs (2008).

If it is an internet only journal then you cite it as follows:

Bloggs, J. M. (2008). Citing Journals. <italics> Journal of Citations, 21 <End italics> (12), 12-24. Retrieved 25 August, 2008, from

In text citation would be (Bloggs, 2008) or Bloggs (2008).

-Please note that YA doesn't allow for html input so i was unable to enter in italics. I have only accounted for online journals, there are various other methods of citations and referencing for other internet based information.

Anthony Said:

Help with sociology assignment..please? Best answer for the person who helps...?

We Answered:

Well, it's a fine mess you have here and I am not sure where to begin.

I think I would start with the list of types of research "Explain the research methods used in the article, then identify the methodological orientation that best reflects the methods used in the article." that are listed in your text and then find a research study that matched rather than find a study and then try to match the methodology. I am not sure how advanced your class is so I have no idea which level of methodology they are looking for.

Once you find the studies that match the methodology, the rest should just fall into place. If it doesn't I would suggest you ask a more direct and specific question as opposed to giving us a collection of data. It is much easier to answer if you ask us a specific question otherwise it feels like being in a homework service rather then helping with homework like I did with my kids and grand kids

(p.s. that last study listed has 27 interviews in 4 years as a base of data...not impressive at all if all they gathered was about 1 interview every 2 months).

Connie Said:

Anyone have an old pshychology paper lying around?

We Answered:

To me it sounds like you want us to do the work for her. I'm sorry hunny i am not going to do the work for you or her she needs to go ask the teacher for an extension

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