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Aids Case Study

Duane Said:

Case Study - 82 year old man with severe hearing difficulties?

We Answered:

I am hard of hearing and the hearing people have put a loop round my living room........ they should have one already glue the ear piece in and if that dont work shoot the old bastard

Robert Said:

I am doing a study on Aids and would like your assistance please...?

We Answered:

well, the problem in Africa is that there is a myth that having sex with a young child will cure a person of AIDS. also, a lot of the men in some areas are truck drivers and engage in promiscuous behavior when they are away from home. a lot of it is ignorance. here in the US, there is a lot of stigma attached to being black and having AIDS. black people tend to ridicule each other if it is found out that someone has the disease. so people opt to not get tested. again, ignorance. currently there are efforts under way to educate people here but it is only occurring in small pockets of America. AIDS education needs to be taught in every middle and high school in this country. i hope that this answer helped to shed some light on the problem and it's causes.

Joy Said:

many people are affected by aids and bird flu,can we find reports or case studies on some people?if yes,where?

We Answered:

If you have a university or other large library nearby, they will most likely have access (online or hard copy) to academic journals devoted to immunology, virology, epidemiology, or infectious disease. As of today though, I don't believe there have been any confirmed reports of bird flu in humans.

Bryan Said:

Law School. How early should I get study aids? Do I know what?

We Answered:

The E&E series are very good, along with the Green Hornbook series. You might want to do some looking though, some of the study aids are keyed for specific textbooks (so I hear). Those are probably better than the general study aids (But beware!).

The general consensus, however, is that the E&E (Examples and Explanations) are the best.

Yvonne Said:

Can somebody help me in finding the differential diagnosis of AIDS?

We Answered:


Acquired ImmunoDeficiency Syndrom. Look for genetic diseases that have mutations in immune system genes (i.e. in T & B cells). There are a whole bunch and they tend to manifest in infants. I hope this is clear enough without doing your project for you :-p

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