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Advertising Case Study

Don Said:

Do You Know of any False Advertising Case Studies?

We Answered:

Google Enzyte also you can google "sued for false advertising claims" and you will find companies with househlold names who have been accused.You can follow up your research by typing in company name and "ripoffreport" behind it to get a better idea. Also, you may even be able to see the old ads on youtube. That should help you a great deal if you follow the 4 steps I just mentioned.

Toni Said:

Where can i find free downloadable case studies on net? specifically branding/advertising specific cases.?

We Answered:

Go to

That is the website for the Corporate Design Foundation. They publish a magazine called "@Issue". The journal focuses primarily on case studies. You may be able to find some information on India in their archives.

Emily Said:

Hi, i need a link giving advertising and branding case studies.?

We Answered:

Martin Said:

How to impact advertising on sales in a medium scale company?

We Answered:

I thought I would include my source link due to the context of your question. Internet Marketing, Business Marketing & all the other information about marketing and boosing sales, advertising, and enhancing your advertising dollar can be found from my source... I found 100+ articles from well known internet marketers... I call them well known because I searched their name on google and found many results...

I also found there information directory ( ) to be quite usefull... I don't like the way you have to search... but it works if you know what you are doing -

Sherry Said:

a case study see how good you are?

We Answered:

XFM, music listeners channel - students ? dunno why that would be my target audience but young adults might wanna buy something for their gran ... lol plus i know a dj from xfm so i would get it set up :)

and i dont know what you mean by what type of ads ? ???
erm whats that stuff called ? propaganda ads, i guess, thats the aim of the game isnt it ?

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