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Abortion Case Studies

Theresa Said:

What happens when you have an abortion?

We Answered:

There several different ways, medical abortion, surgical abortion and the rh factor.

Vivian Said:

Who would be a good case study for abortion?

We Answered:

well theres always mine, its unheard of.

Sherry Said:

Is abortion Ok? case study 1 Sinita.?

We Answered:

It all depends on your point of view on the subject. There is no right or wrong answer to this question. I don't believe in abortions, and I think that women who get them are selfish, irresponsible people. That's my opinion. I'm entitled to it, just like pro choice women are entitled to theirs. They think it's okay to just kill an innocent life that you created just because it doesn't fit into your plans, and if they can live with themselves, then that's their prerogative.

Joel Said:

what would be the appearance of the women's genital after an abortion?

We Answered:

Pretty much the same as before the abortion... although the hormones of pregnancy might have caused just a little more labial pigmentation or (unlikely but possible) enlargement.

Andrew Said:

what are the fors of abortion?

We Answered:

I agree with Vaar69. Abortion is appropriate if the pregnancy is a result of rape or incest. Other acceptable are Life threatening birth defects and the mothers life is in danger.

Theresa Said:

Whats a case study?

We Answered:

A case study is a research in real-life context. It's like doing a science experiment- except on social issues.

For example, on your case study on abortion, you could research on what are the causes of abortion, what are the statistics of abortion, etc..

Take a look at my source link.

Karen Said:

if u r a Roman Catholic,pls state ur reaction or comments n d article below. what s ur stand in abortion & Y?

We Answered:

This responder recognizes the request was for Catholics to answer.

This faithful Catholic hears concepts like consensual sex hurts no one, but in America 1 out of 4 babies is murdered, plus we don't know how many are chemically murdered by contraceptives. That's more than all casulties of all the wars combined the US has ever fought in, and perhaps for all time. It is like dropping a nuclear bomb that kills 250,000 4 times a month for over 4 years. And these are American babies, not a foreign enemy. God loves us and forgives those who ask.

This pro-abortion study reminds me of the studies Bernard Nathanson, MD promoted when he was with the groups that worked to get abortion legal in the United States. They gave made up numbers of 1000s of women dying in illegal abortions when the number was more like 100. (It's simply the media buying into and promoting a crisis that didn't exist.) This movie clip he did of a baby being exterminated by ultrasound. Seeing this kind of thing is what converted him from the murder profession and now he is prolife, Praise God.

50 million have died from immoral but legal cold blooded murder in the US since 1973. That is one sixth of our current population. This unreliable "study" is one of the methods groups use to make it look like cold blooded murder is compassionate, and Catholics are backward. These crimes should be considered crimes against humanity. May God forgive!

In the US, media is flooded with sexualized bodies and once people are addicted to sex for a profit, Planned Parenthood and other groups profit on sex ed to schools in order to get kids to try it out. Condoms have at best use, a 10% per year failure rate. So then they are selling contraceptives, and making huge profits. If they are able to get 40 people to murder their own little baby in one day, they get $400 x 40 = $16,000. in one day of murder. The government gets taxes. Now they have developed ways to sell the dead bodies of these little babies. Many of the vaccines for children have dead aborted baby parts as an ingredient.

This is all about big business, profits, etc. Hell gains many residents due to participation in evils such as these. God forgives those who repent.

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