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A Case Study

Mathew Said:

How can I write a case study based on a pupil with learning problems?

We Answered:

Ensure, with 100% ccertainty, that the identity of the student is kept anonymous. Also, be careful that the facts and information you report can not enable someone to deduce the identity of the student. Likewise, ensure the same anonymity for the identity of the institution so no one can ever connect any dots to enable a slander, libel, defamation of character or invasion of privacy lawsuit in the future

Emily Said:

How do you write a legal case study?

We Answered:

Make use of the below given pdf file to write down your case study.…

Hope it will help you to find out something useful for your writing.

Wish you all the best.:)

William Said:

What is the correct way to present a case study?

We Answered:

My dissertation is based primarily on case studies, it's pretty much the same as a regular essay, only I do a type of the case study and stick it before the introduction - when you specificate what theoretical approaches you'll be taking to analyse it, then break the case study down into about 4 or five parts you feel are significant - use these as basis for each essential paragraph or post in the type, then conclude.

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