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College Student Discounts

College student discounts are available for most college students; all they need to do is show their student ID badge, to prove they actually are students. Money is always in short supply, so if you are a college student, you should always ask if there is a discount for college students. Just like there are discounts for senior citizens, there are often students for college students. There may not be a sign up stating there are discounts for college students, so always ask first.

Because the economy has been slow, many people aren't buying big ticket items. Being a college student, you probably have the need for a notebook computer. Right now, and especially during the Christmas season, it's a buyer's market. If you go into a store, ask if they have a policy to give a discount to college students. Even if they don't have a policy, many stores will give a discount just to move the merchandise. It's an act of good will to give a student discount, because when any customer is given a price break and is treated well, the store will have a repeat customer.

Many hotels and restaurants give student discounts. Usually, a list of the stores and eating establishments that give student discounts can be found in the student center, or somewhere else on campus. Some colleges are given discount coupon booklets to pass out to the students, but you might have to ask about them. You may also be able to get free entrance into clubs. There is usually a cover charge at most nightclubs, but if you are a student you may be able to get in free if you are of legal age.

If your college has a cafeteria, you may be able to get a discount when you purchase you're your meal tickets. You should have your student ID with you at all times, while you are in college. If you should lose your ID badge, you should report it right away, because your ID badge is necessary to get most student discounts.

College students, being strapped for cash, can get discounts from some car insurance companies. Allstate Insurance Company is one insurance company that gives discounts. Many banks will give free checking to college students. Be sure to carry your student ID with you, when you ask for a discount. Any place where college students can catch a break is a great deal, and the businesses may get repeat business from you once you graduate and start your new career.

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Valentinos Pizza said:

I agree with you - "Many hotels and restaurants give student discounts". Even our restaurant is offering very good discount packages, especially for students.