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Care Package College Student

College students work very hard to maintain their grade point averages; most work a part-time job also. It often takes full time employment for college students to make financial ends meet, and still have money for a few of the wants and needs. Because students are working hard to prepare for their future careers, families often want to send care packages for the students in their lives. If students live near home, there is no problem; you can purchase items and deliver them. However, many college students live in hundreds of miles away from home.

Before sending a care package to the college student in your life, be to call the college to find out if it is okay to have packages delivered to the student's dorm. While you are on the phone, verify the mailing address, to be sure the packages will arrive at the correct location. You should never send foods that will perish quickly. Your care package should contain foods, snacks, and other items the student can use. Items, such as towels, bath cloths, trash bags, toilet tissue, Kleenex tissues, and other like items are all items that can be used. A box full of his/her favorite non-perishable snacks is a great idea, because the student may not have a lot of money to spend on these things.

If you are going to send a care package, it is a good idea to send more than the student needs, so he/she can share with others. In fact, you can send extra care packages to help some of the other students who don't have anyone helping them. If there is no limit to the number of packages you can send the student in your life, you can order from an online store, such as Amazon. You can send cases of toilet tissue and paper towels, and other things.

Even though college students are independent, most will miss home from time to time. If you were to send some personal items, such as a framed picture of him/her with a favorite pet, family pictures, and other personal items, it would help keep his/her spirits up when missing home. You can also send gift cards for Starbucks Coffee, Pizza Hut, and other great places. You will feel better knowing that you helped a college student have college life a little bit easier.

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Gianfranco Pizza Rustica said:

Thanks for the nice tips on sending care packages. Once I've sent Pizza Hut gift card to my son, he was very happy with my gift.