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Accounting Career Description

An accounting career is a rewarding and exciting opportunity for the person who loves mathematics, numbers, and equations. Accountants obtain diplomas and degrees by attending night schools, apprenticeships, vocational schools, colleges and universities. With the exception of night school courses, which the student generally pay for out of their pocket, costs are paid for by the employer in the case of the apprenticeship program, or through scholarships, student aid, loans, or grants. Each of these methods requires that the student complete so many course credits in order to graduate and be able to work in the field of accounting.

After graduation, the accountant begins the job search to find a placement. This generally is with a public accounting firm, in a corporation or business, with the government in one of their departments or agencies, with a non-profit organization, or working for a Chartered Public Accountant as a bookkeeper or junior accountant. Accountants normally work at a desk, in an office, from nine to five each day, Monday through Friday, except during busy seasons like taxation, month-end or year-end, when the accountant may be required to work evenings, weekend, and holidays. An accountant's work environment is usually very clean as they work with paper and computers all day long; therefore computer course and experience are a must.

To be an accountant, you must love working with mathematics, you must have excellent communication skills orally and written, you must pay attention to detail, you must be accurate, and you must love working with people. These skills will help you in all accounting fields as no matter where you work these skills will be the basic requirements. As an accountant, you will spend your day compiling and inputting sales and expenses into a double entry accounting software package, balancing accounts, working with money owed to the company or owed by the company, preparing reports and statements, and dealing with people regarding a number of topics. Telephone skills are also an advantage when working in this field.

Accountants start out in junior positions with companies and then advance into supervisory positions, administration position, management positions, and then into partnership/ownership positions all with a very good salary. Each of these positions holds greater responsibility but is very rewarding. Some accountants opt to teach, but hey, the world needs great teachers, too.

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