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College For Marine Biology

If you love water and the animals that it contains, you may want to pursue an education in Marine Biology. Marine Biology studies the relationship of ocean life and its relativity to the environment. These studies are done from oceanography centres, aquariums, from boats, and even coastal areas. You must first possess advanced degrees in research and you must be very responsible.

It is very challenging to become a marine biologist and in order to do so you should have taken lots of science classes while in high school. Classes like biology, physics, chemistry, advanced mathematics, and computer literacy. You will want to achieve and maintain a high grade point average and seek out academic counselling. An academic counsellor will provide you with valuable information about what classes to take and how to get started in your career choice. They will also be able to provide you with a listing of all colleges that currently offer marine biology courses and will advise which ones are well known for their marine biology programs. You may also obtain this information from Marine Biology web site. Early in high school you will want to send away for college applications and catalogues to make sure you will meet the requirements needed to be admitted into the Marine Biology Program.

You should be careful when selecting you college, especially if there is particular area of study you wish to pursue. However, keep in mind that the undergraduate courses, which will mostly be the biology science classes, are meant to prepare you for then more advanced courses and your advanced degree.

You should also apply for internships at your local aquariums, and such, in your particular area of interest. This will help prepare you for your future as a Marine Biologist.

Next, decide on the specialty of marine biology that you will wish to obtain a degree in, before you apply to graduate schools to obtain your master's degree. It would be senseless to apply to schools that do not currently offer your area of concentration.

A few things to keep in mind are that you must be prepared to commit to years of learning to make this a lifetime career. A master's degree will do for any applied research positions that might interest you, however, in order for you to teach at a university or college and for independent research you will be required to have a Ph.D.

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