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Biochemistry Molecular Biology

Now you have the knowledge that molecules make up any organ. The other fact at hand is the organs are responsible for the being of a species. Now you must have wondered what special features possessed by these molecules that give them their capability are Why this and why that? This is a baffling subject bound to raise lots of questions. Early scientists and philosophers would answer that life is a mysterious divine force. From whatever point of view life has an endowed characteristic difficult to comprehend. At the same time attempts to have a duplicate are not easy as all of them are a clone or model of the original. Away with the superstition and assumption that life is a consequence of a myriad of divinity, to a certain extent the answer lies in the chemistry of the structure.

This is where modern science comes in effect. The old baseless doctrines, find no home in the new age; Biochemistry molecular biology has seen to that. Since its growth in the biological field it has founded many truths on the affirmation of life. In its initiation, there had been rejections and it was only in the recent two decades that it found its way into most schooling institutions. Its inclusion into study and learning programs became successful such that it brought two dynamic sub-disciplines. In the light of its awakening, there was formation of medicine and physiology sub-branch and organic chemistry. Though not fully given its right as a science field, it worked partially under the broad discipline of chemistry. Now it is a fully developed research venture and has its own methods and procedures.

In the contemporary matters, biochemistry in molecular biology has a profound recognition in a number of science explorations. Its accomplishment in defining cellular phenomena can derive an unprofaned assumption that biology is chemistry; that means that most biological occurrences are molecular results which derive their origin in chemical actions within cells.

Astonishingly, molecules living together conform to principles or a set of rule as another would say. The instinct that leads to survival is the key motivation on grounds of life nourishment. Self organization bestows to them intuitive guidance some which has not yet been explained. The chemical composition is defined by the environment; the levels also vary from one to another. Even in the simplest form, there is complex occurrence of organic compounds for each kind.

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