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Biochemistry And Molecular Biology

Biochemistry and molecular biology are some of the easiest branches of biology that you can tackle and if you were thinking of specializing in both, kudos to you. Forget about what your colleague will tell you; what they think does not matter, it is what you are interested in that matters the most. Biochemistry is the study of the chemical components of the life processes that take place in living organisms. The cell is the basic unit of life and in it takes place some chemical reactions that keep the cells alive and functioning.

Emil Fischer is one of the best known biochemists of our time. He was able to identify the ribonucleic acid and broke new ground in the research of RNA and DNA. Biochemistry and molecular biology are related in that the latter is a more specialized form of biochemistry, that deals with the functions structure and the chemical components of the RNA and the DNA AND its purpose in cell heredity

Cells have many functions, and as they grow they become specialized to form the many parts of our bodies. Some of them will specialize and form the major organs of the body and others will specialize to form the nervous system etc. Each cell in the human body is specially made to perform its particular function. The specialization is enabled by the chemical reactions that happen in the cells of the human body. The cells are made up of many other components which also have specific and specialized functions in the cell. To enable the life processes to continue, the components in these cells are held together by strong chemical bonds

A big chunk of the branch of biochemistry is the study of these processes and how these chemical bonds are made. A good example is the amino acids that are part of the cells. These amino acids are the basic units that form protein which is in turn part of the cells. The amino acids are held together by chemical bonds. Biochemistry will also inform you of how these amino acids and other basic components of cells stick together and where the energy to perform all these processes comes from. This energy comes from the breaking of a chemical bond to release some energy, which is then used to make other bonds and so on and so forth. In this science, you will get to know the many parts of a cell and the specific functions of each part.

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