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A Level Of Biology

Biology is a difficult and detailed study that contains many levels of learning. It is a growing field that continues to attract curious students who aspire to learn more about the organism life on earth. A variety of streams generate from biology, there are many levels contained within the study and many more contained underneath that particular level. The list goes on, there is such a large amount of information, such a large amount of detail that it is important to grasp each concept as it comes. There is a high order of mental organization required in order to fully comprehend the different levels of biology, a type of hierarchy and classification must be put to use. Let us take a look at the six major levels of biology, also referred to the six major divisions of biology.

The first is called the Cells division. This compartment looks at cells on a microscopic level and their manners of division such as mitosis and meiosis. It studies the basic structure of these cells and what each part of a cell contributes to. The systems concerned with cells is studies and its various environmental characteristics.

Leading from cells, the next second division is the study of Genetics. Once a student learns about the basic unit of life, cells, students now learn how the wonders of genetics and chromosomes walk into the chamber of genetics and cells. Within genetics, you would be looking at molecular structure of genetics, genetic engineering, and the issue of inheritance and variations possible within genetics.

The third division focuses on human biology. Human biology contains triple amount the information as the previously mentioned categories. It looks at the countless human systems and processes, such as the respiratory system, the digestive system, the liver, the cardiovascular system, gas exchanges (diffusion), the nervous system and many more!

The fourth division looks at the comprehension bio chemistry. At this point the introduction of chemistry and math kick in. Within this category students are looking to enhancing their learning on biological molecules, various enzymes, and the technology nowadays associated with enzymes.

The fifth division studies ecosystems and the environments. Hence, issues such as evolution are pursued, the theory and comprehension of natural selection, basic classification systems within science, and a more public related study of the environment and human effect towards it.

Finally, the last division looks into the study of plant biology. Students will now learn about the seperate types of plants out there and their individual characteristics. The major concept of photosynthesis is pursued, as well as crops and transport in plants.

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Selina said:

I can't adopt the same point of you like the one that you just have presented in this article because biology was one of my favourites classes. It is just amazing how people can be attracted by different subjects, such as history, maths and molecular biology. Well, these interesting field are my all time favourites.