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Students in high school in college often use linear algebra software to help them learn the concepts, and the functions of linear algebra. Unless you are planning to work in the software business, you might now even realize how linear algebra is used in the creation of software. For instance, when you turn on your computer, do you ever wonder how it works? Have you ever wondered what mathematical principals make your operating system function?

Most people don't think about what effect linear algebra has on software. When you hold your mouse in the palm of your hand, and click to navigate to different web pages, you might not realize how linear algebra is connected to it. If you have a cell phone in which you can access the Internet, your phone has a computer operating system. That operating system operates on the principles of linear algebra.

As a teacher of linear algebra, you might want your students to start thinking how they would apply their linear math skills as a software engineer. It might be good to get your students to think of math outside of the classroom. The software that one uses to learn linear algebra was created by scientific software engineers who pour the facts of their brains into the software. The software you use to study is only as good as the information poured into it by the intellect of human beings.

You might ask your students to explain how they can put a DVD into their computer's optical drive and they can watch a movie on their computer's monitor. What effect does linear algebra have to do with software applications? The concepts of linear algebra are used by the people who design DVDs. Every DVD has data inserted along a spiral track in the DVD. The digital data is applied through the formation of rectangular bumps, which are 320 by 400 nanometers in size. You are able to watch a movie on your computer because someone was able to use their knowledge of linear algebra to apply the algorithms to create pathways for data to be stored in the DVD. The way DVD software works is not so dissimilar to the way the human brain works. If it weren't for students studying linear algebra, there wouldn't be any engineers to develop computer software, there wouldn't be any computers, and there would be no DVD players or DVDs, and there would be no cell phones, or any of the technologies there is so popular in today's world.

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